About Us

Synctech Solutions Pte Ltd is the cutting edge company for the new multi-media computer technologies, helping companies to put these breakthroughs to work effectively in business. We apply good, hard business thinking in our computer solutions, you will get the best information systems for where you are now, and for where you want to go. We also draw upon the latest and most advance technologies from suppliers around the world to our exacting specifications. We offers our own line of Computer Systems, PC servers and high-end PC workstations.

Company Overview
Synctech Solutions Pte Ltd was established in 1997 as a long-time custom made system integrator. We source technology from top manufactures in the computer industry including Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Maxtor, Seagate, Gigabyte , VIA, Samsung, plus many more to give our customers the best quality products, together with the best prices and services and total Solutions for Small and Medium Business.
Mission Statement
Our Business goal is to provide the best possible customer service along with equal product support in order to keep in good faith with our customer. To ensure better service and quality control, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, therefore, we encourage our customers to forward all their comments, concerns, questions and suggestions directly to us at Synctech@synctech.sg
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